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Genealogists Digital Ad Designs 2018-03-05T23:51:23+00:00
Daniel Lona Fitness Website 2018-03-02T22:07:51+00:00
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Blue Ivory Creative has catapulted my real estate career in a very short period of time. Their service has been such a luxury by only having to explain my vision for my brand to only one company who then ensure that vision is carried out with consistency across all marketing mediums. Whether it is radio, advertising on major networks, social media exposure, print, blogging, website design and management, they do everything at an exceptionally high level so I can focus on money making activities…being face to face with customers.
From email campaigns to SEO to real time statistics, every aspect of the marketing was covered. Blue Ivory Creative also impressed me with their response time at fielding questions and changes coming from me and my staff. I would recommend them to anyone that wants to design, create, develop, brand and market a website.
I highly recommend Blue Ivory Creative!! They just GET what we are about and what we need to communicate. Thank you. We can’t wait to use them for more stuff!
Blue Ivory Creative was absolutely fantastic to work with. Their attention to detail and creativity were above and beyond. I will definitely work with them again and highly recommend them to anyone that is looking for quality and personable work, with awesome results. Thanks again for everything!
Little did I know that when I hired Blue Ivory Creative, I would be getting a TEAM of knowledgeable and professional people. Excellent at listening to the client’s needs, they promptly responded with appropriate ideas and feedback. Quality of work and communication a 10+. Couldn’t be happier with the end result. When you hire these guys you get it all: quality, service, knowledge and responsiveness. You’ll think you’re their only client even though you’re not!


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