3 Ways to Get More Traffic to Your Site

You’ve done the research – defined your niche, got your first clients or customers, and figured out your packages. You’re ready to start serving more people, but it’s just crickets. If they don’t know you exist, they can’t buy from you or hire you. Use these 3 methods to get more traffic to your site and let people know you exist!

1. Use Yoast to improve your SEO

You know SEO will help increase your traffic. But SEO is made of a lot of little pieces that work together, and it can be so overwhelming to even just start doing it!

Installing and using the Yoast SEO plugin will remove the overwhelm and help you take care of a lot of the little pieces. You fill in the keyword you want your post to rank for, and it’ll tell you how well your post will do, and what you can improve. Getting a green light on your posts doesn’t just feel good, it will help a lot to get people to find you.

yoast-seo2. Social Media

Apart from getting search traffic to your site, you can grow your traffic really quickly if you use social media well. Find Facebook groups where your potential clients or customers hang out, and answer any questions they have that might relate to what you do. As a web designer and developer, I’m part of several Facebook groups where I answer as many questions as I can about design, code or WordPress. When it makes sense, I post links to my blog posts as part of my answers.

Doing the same for your niche will help establish your expertise. It may not immediately pay off in new clients or sales, but people will get to know you and know how helpful you are. You will be the first they think of when they need what you offer.

Another channel that works well in getting more traffic to your site is Pinterest. Even if you have a very small following there (or none!), you can quickly grow it by joining shared boards for your niche. These boards have several people in the same niche pinning to it, and usually have a large amount of followers. Pinning your posts to such boards can help a lot in getting more eyes on your content.

Being active on social media can take A LOT of time, and you still need time to, you know, actually do the work that pays the bills. Automate as much as you can. You can batch social media posts and let them be posted when it’s the best time to get the most engagement. To do so, use Buffer or HootSuite. TailWind is awesome to schedule posts for Pinterest as well.

If you have a lot of evergreen content, it could really pay off to use a service like Edgar or Recurpost. You set up a content library, connect your social media accounts, set up a schedule, and it’ll automatically post your content, and just starts over from the top when it’s been through your entire content library.

3. Guest Posting

Make connections on social media – start chatting on Facebook or Twitter with people you’d like to guest post for. Leave comments on their site, share and reply to their social media posts. Then, when you have made the connection, propose a guest post to them. By now, they’ve gotten to know (and hopefully like!) you, you should have a sense of the kind of posts they publish and what would be valuable to their audience, so you can write a killer proposal and get that guest post published!

Making connections can take a while, so if you want to start guest posting ASAP, sometimes all you have to do is just ask for it. Here, Facebook groups come in handy again. Some groups have collaboration threads while some allow you to just post a request. When someone posts a request for guest posters, or someone replies to your offer to write a guest post, make sure you stand out from any other offers they get.

Look at their website, browse through their archives and come up with a topic you can write about that will work well for their audience. Find posts in their archive that you could link to from your guest post. See if they have posts about topics you could write a more in-depth post about, or have a different view on. Try to come up with a few different topics, and let them pick the one they believe would work best for their site & audience.

Longterm Efforts

All of the things listed above are longterm practices.  So don’t be discouraged if you don’t see your site traffic increase immediately!  But if you start following these tips and creating excellent content, you’re sure to see more visitors soon!

Bio:  Anouska is a web designer + developer working with clients 1-on-1 to create or improve their websites. Sign up for her free Upgrade Your Site 14-day DIY Challenge here.
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