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As business owners, managing your stress is imperative for your success and overall health. Chronic disease and health care costs are on the rise in the Unites States.  And what is the leading cause of chronic disease? … drumroll please…STRESS! And, low and behold, it’s also on the rise.

The fastest way to burnout is not managing that lil’ devil called stress. Lucky for you, I’ve put together 4 tips you can incorporate into your life to minimize stress’ impact.

Morning Routine

Benjamin Franklin is known for blocking off 5am until 8am for his morning routine, which included activities like addressing “Powerful Goodness” and planning out his day. He understood the power in setting this time aside for himself. A morning routine is the perfect opportunity for you to start your day on a high note. Spend this time doing activities that build you up. Exercising, reading a few pages in your latest personal development book, visualizing your goals, planning out your day, meditating and making a beautiful breakfast are all great ways to kick off the morning.

It’s wise to create a routine you can also carry into the weekend. It’s important that your morning routine supports your needs and flows with your life. Keep in mind that your routine should evolve and correspond with where you are in life.


1. Make this non-negotiable YOU time that you dedicate solely to yourself every morning. Decide what time you want to start your workday; the time before this is yours.

2. Make it technology-free time. All your emails, notifications and texts will still be there when you’re ready to attack your day.


Mastermind Group

As a business owner, it’s imperative to have a solid support system in place. There’s so much to do and so much to focus on. On top of all of that, if you’re a Solopreneur, building your business can be very lonely. A Mastermind group will provide accountability, community, support and encouragement. It’s less daunting knowing you have somewhere to turn when you’re stuck or need feedback on a new project. You’ll gain insight into what has worked for others as well as access to their network.

The second I joined a Mastermind group, I saw the energy in my business totally shift. I call the ladies of my Mastermind group my board of directors. These ladies have my back when I need feedback on a new project, another set of eyes to look over things, and they’re also there to remind me it’s time for some self care.

Tip: When creating a Mastermind group keep it under 10 individuals (I’m in one with only 4 members and love it) of varying backgrounds, expertise and experience levels. This will create a beautiful platform for all of you to learn and grow from one another.


It’s a good thing to slow down and take stock of where your business is. Take a look at your analytics, your goals, go through your records, and see where you’re spending a lot of your time. It’s easy to get caught up in the doing but it is important to make sure you’re focusing on tasks that are propelling you forward.

The motto should be work smarter not harder. The Pareto Principle states that 20% of your work creates 80% of your results and subsequently 80% of your work creates 20% of your results. Sometimes we can spend a lot of time and frustration on tasks that don’t result in as big of an outcome as we hoped for. For example, if you can fix 20% of your issues in your business you will reap 80% of the benefits. Take a look at your business and figure out which activities you can focus on that will make the biggest impact

There is nothing wrong with taking a step back and looking at what you’re building. You may notice that you’re further along than you thought. Or you may realize that you want to take your business in a new direction.

Tip: Once a month, schedule time to regroup and take a look at the ins and outs of your business. Celebrate your highs and figure out how to elevate your lows. . Discuss your findings with your Mastermind Group and see what kind of feedback you get.


Midday Mental Timeout

As children, we dreaded being put in timeout. A lot of the time, I was scared I was going to miss out on something. However, as an adult you should totally embrace it!

Your brain is are always ON, over stimulated, always racing. The point of the midday mental timeout is to give your brain a break, disconnect, and move your body. Walk away from your computer, phone, whatever project you’re working on. Give your brain a chance to do… nothing. You’ll have more focus when you return to your work. I encourage taking a mental timeout at least once a day, however you can take as many as you need scheduled in 2-hour intervals throughout your day

Tip: Set a daily alert on your phone or computer to go off midday, name it TIMEOUT. When it goes off, set your timer for five minutes. Get up and stretch, do some jumping jacks, or maybe just sit and breathe for five minutes with your eyes closed.

However you choose to approach your stress management, make sure it becomes a priority in your life and business. When managing your stress is made a priority your health will flourish, your relationships will deepen, and your business will grow.


miriamBio: Miriam Popp is a Serenity Coach who helps overworked, overstressed messy bun millennials find peace, balance, direction and clarity through her one on one coaching programs. Sign up for her free Life Design e-guide at http://bit.ly/2cI6wJO

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