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Interview with a 6PM Graphic Designer

I always love learning from other professionals in the industry, so I try to reach out and speak with them whenever I get a chance.  6PM is a sister website of Zappos, and I was able to speak with a graphic designer about his professional experiences. Q: Tell me about your professional experience.  How long have [...]

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SEO – How to Get Noticed and Increase Traffic

Search engine optimization (SEO) is one of the most important tools that a business has to market their website. However, it’s critical to approach this the correct way in order to get noticed on search engines and increase traffic to your site. The image below shows the key elements of successful SEO: Keyword Research Before beginning [...]

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A Look Into Young Entrepreneurship

Let's face it:  Entrepreneurship is hard.  And being a young entrepreneur can be even harder.  But more and more young people want to start businesses.  In fact, according to a recent poll conducted by Ecopreneurist, 54 percent of young Americans between the ages of 18 and 34 want to open their own business. This increase [...]

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WordPress Plugins – The Ultimate List

If you're just getting started (or even if you've been using Wordpress for a while!) the Wordpress plugins directory can seem overwhelming.  And then there are paid plugins, too!  So we wanted to make that process easier for you.  Here's our list of Wordpress plugins that are tested and proven: Wordpress Plugins for Speed Site speed is [...]

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It’s Now or Never

This month, I was invited to attend a luncheon with high school entrepreneurs as part of Junior Achievement Entrepreneurship Week in Middle Tennessee. I believe in lifelong learning and personal development, and that's one of the core values of Blue Ivory Creative. It’s amazing that no matter the point at which [...]

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Why Business Owners Should Have Pets

We've been hearing quite a few arguments recently for allowing pets in the workplace, so we decided to look into it.  The same benefits that pets are said to have in a traditional work environment certainly apply to business owners!  Here are a few of the reasons why business owners should have pets: 1. Companionship - [...]

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How To: Create a Post in WordPress

Are you building a Wordpress blog but aren’t sure where to start?  These instructions will provide everything you need to know about how to create a post in Wordpress.  Make sure you have a hosting plan set up, as well as a domain name attached to it. Before You Begin: 1. Log into your Wordpress dashboard. [...]

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Easter Branding: What Can An Entrepreneur Learn?

Chances are if you think of Easter, you’re also going to think of chocolate eggs and bunnies. These chocolate treats have become such an integral part of many family Easter celebrations that the two are almost inseparable, particularly in advertisements. If you see a chocolate egg, chances are Easter immediately pops into your head – [...]

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