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5 Recipes to Help You Focus

The old phrase, “You are what you eat” couldn’t be more true. The food that we eat can help you focus, pay attention, sleep, and improve your attitude. So, if you want to be the best that you can be and get the most done, then choosing the right foods should be a big part of your [...]

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The Importance of a Brand (Plus 3 Key Elements)

For most small business owners, the majority of their business-launching efforts go directly into developing a successful product or service – that is, the function of their company that will directly translate into sales. And this is understandable, right? The importance of establishing a positive cash flow for startups has been heavily documented, and strong [...]

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The Importance of Taking Time Off

Luke and I started Blue Ivory Creative a year and a half ago and, as most new small business owners experience, we spent almost every second planning, working, talking to clients, setting goals, figuring out finances, making sales etc. Even meals turned into discussion about our company, simply because we love what we do. I [...]

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Tools for Graphic Designers

There are plenty of great websites and tools for graphic designers.  So sometimes it’s hard to narrow down exactly which tools are the best and which ones are the most useful to you.  In the end, it really comes down to where you get inspiration and the type of work style that you have.  But here [...]

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Interview with Co-founder, Luke – “I’m making a difference.”

A college student at Indiana University  recently conducted an interview with our co-founder, Luke.  She allowed us to post what she wrote on our blog and we hope that Luke’s responses can be helpful to other college students looking to get into the marketing and branding industry or those who just want to become entrepreneurs. [...]

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3 Valuable Networking Tips for Job Seekers and Entrepreneurs

Here’s the thing.  Networking is critical.  Knowing the right people and the “human connection” may mean getting a job that you might not normally be able to get or simply learning information about your area of interest that you wouldn’t be able to get elsewhere.  I’ve found that businesses are incredibly impressed when you put [...]

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