Being Thankful as an Entrepreneur

Let’s be honest: it can be hard to own your own business!  There are ups and downs but, while it might not seem like it when you’re completely overwhelmed, entrepreneurship is one of the most rewarding things that you can do.  So when I’m starting to feel burned out or frustrated, I try to sit down and make a list of all the things that I’ve thankful for because of my business.  And, in the spirit of Thanksgiving, I thought I’d share my list with you all!

The chance to help entrepreneurs. This may sound cheesy, but I really do love to help my clients find success!  I’m a strong believer in entrepreneurship, and knowing that I play a role in the growth of local businesses really means a lot to me and allows me to make a difference.

luke and kathryn - thankful to work together as BIC owners

Working with my husband.  I get the very unique opportunity to build something together with my husband.  Unlike many couples who only see each other the last few hours of the day, we spend the majority of our time together, working on a common mission.

Flexibility and freedom.  I love having the flexibility to work from wherever I want or need to be.  It’s given us the ability to travel and visit our family (spread all over the country), as well as travel to work with or spend time with clients, while still successfully running our business.

An amazing team.  I’m so thankful for the people that we get a chance to work with every day!  Our team is incredibly talented, and we’re blessed and honored that they choose to work with us.

blue ivory creative clients

The best clients in the world.  We get the opportunity to work with clients making a difference in every industry imaginable, from healthcare and nonprofits, to authors, solar power companies, and apps revolutionizing the tech industry.  Being even a small part of their mission and organization is what we get up for every day!

A wonderful business community.  One of the amazing things about living in Nashville is the business community that we’re surrounded with and a part of.  From events focused specifically on entrepreneurship, to mastermind meetings and get togethers, we’re thankful to live in an area full of support for small businesses.

Life is never really boring.  No two days are the same, and for that I’m thankful!  We spend a lot of time working hand-on-hand with our clients, and that means that things are always exciting and interesting.

creative work by blue ivory creative

The chance to be creative.  I love what I do.  I love being creative and designing logos, graphics, and websites for our clients.  And it’s such a blessing to be able to do what I love each and every day!

The opportunity to create a great life and legacy for my children.  This is truly why we do what we do – for the ability to attend sports’ games, recitals, and school events; to spend Spring Break, Christmas Break, and Summer Vacation with our children; to travel and show them the world; to teach them the importance of hard work and dedication; and to leave them with a legacy that they can pass down to their children.

So I would encourage you to sit down and make your own list!  It’s so important to remember why you do what you do.  And we would love to hear from you!  Comment below with some of your favorite things that you’re thankful for.

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