The Importance of Taking Time Off

Luke and I started Blue Ivory Creative a year and a half ago and, as most new small business owners experience, we spent almost every second planning, working, talking to clients, setting goals, figuring out finances, making sales etc. Even meals turned into discussion about our company, simply because we love what we do. I [...]

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The #1 Trait for An Entrepreneur

Our company exists to help entrepreneurs. Our passion is refueled every day by the opportunities that exist for our clients to grow their endeavors and fulfill their dreams. However, the most important question we must ask when deciding if a client is right to work with Blue Ivory is, “Are they passionate”? This is because, [...]

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3 Valuable Networking Tips for Job Seekers and Entrepreneurs

Here’s the thing.  Networking is critical.  Knowing the right people and the “human connection” may mean getting a job that you might not normally be able to get or simply learning information about your area of interest that you wouldn’t be able to get elsewhere.  I’ve found that businesses are incredibly impressed when you put [...]

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4 Ways Body Language Makes (Or Breaks) Your Business

Body language. It’s a sign that you know exactly what you’re talking about, or it’s tell-tale evidence that you’re nervous. It shows that you’re the one in control, or that you let people run all over you. It’s a language. It’s an interaction. It’s communication. And it’s incredibly important, especially if you’re in the business [...]

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5 Reasons to Use Telecommuting

One of the most interesting debates that I’ve been keeping up with lately is telecommuting — is it beneficial or harmful for a business, especially when it comes to creative careers?  The “typical” employment situation is this:  an employee is hired for a specific position, they go into work day after day to a big [...]

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Good vs. Great Customer Service

John Russell, President of Harley Davidson said:  “The more you engage with customers, the clearer things become and the easier it is to determine what you should be doing.”  That engagement is the key to great customer service and, as we all know, happy customers provide better marketing than anything a business can pay for. A [...]

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