12 Tips for a Successful Website

So you have a website.  It's well-designed, you have your content uploaded, and you're ready to start working towards Internet success!  But what do you do now?  These 12 tips will help you build a successful website that will convert leads and make sales. Create relevant, timely content.  This is important for every single website, [...]

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WordPress Plugins – The Ultimate List

If you're just getting started (or even if you've been using Wordpress for a while!) the Wordpress plugins directory can seem overwhelming.  And then there are paid plugins, too!  So we wanted to make that process easier for you.  Here's our list of Wordpress plugins that are tested and proven: Wordpress Plugins for Speed Site speed is [...]

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How To: Create a Post in WordPress

Are you building a Wordpress blog but aren’t sure where to start?  These instructions will provide everything you need to know about how to create a post in Wordpress.  Make sure you have a hosting plan set up, as well as a domain name attached to it. Before You Begin: 1. Log into your Wordpress dashboard. [...]

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Goodbye to Slow Websites – Improving WordPress Speed

WordPress is an amazing tool for website designers. There are so many frameworks and templates out there that allow you to easily build and fully customize a WordPress site whether you’re an advanced developer or just someone who loves to design. However, the downside is that advanced, complicated WordPress themes can slow down a website [...]

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