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Using WordPress Effectively in 2018 – A Summary of WordCamp U.S.

A few weeks ago, we got the great opportunity to learn from the best and network with fellow developers at WordCamp U.S. which happened to be in our beautiful city of Nashville. Here, you'll find some of the highlights from WordCamp U.S. and some great tidbits that will help you when using WordPress for your website and business.

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Living Your Most Creative Life – Lessons from Big Magic

Big Magic is all about how to live a creative life and there are a ton of lessons that can apply to us, both as creatives and as business owners.  I highlighted some of my favorite points (and quotes!) from the book below but absolutely encourage you to pick up a copy from your local library or find it on Amazon.  I know you'll get just as much out of it as I did!

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How to Integrate Your SSL Certificate with Your WordPress Site

SSL certificates help secure your Wordpress site, protecting information that you collect from your customers and website visitors (like credit card information, email addresses, and other types of personal information). While they're required for any website that collects credit card information, they're also highly recommended for sites that collect any information at all.

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