Why Low-Quality Images Are Ruining Your Mobile Marketing Campaign

Guest Post from Isabella Foreman

Since digital marketing is such a valuable tool for your business, a quality campaign can sometimes be expensive. However, many businesses (especially new companies or ones that have less exposure to online marketing campaigns) sometimes make a terrible mistake – they tend to save funds by opting for low-quality images.  But this is a bad idea for several reasons:

They harm your reputation

The primary reason to avoid using poor quality images is that they could harm your reputation.  To be competitive online in your industry, you need to do everything that you can to look professional, and low-quality images could give potential customers the wrong impression about the quality of the services or products that you provide.

And, of course, not looking professional isn’t particularly helpful to a long term business relationship. People could assume that you’re using images that aren’t your own, lowering their quality intentionally to avoid trouble with license agreements and user rights.

examples of the high quality images for your mobile marketing campaign

They have a negative impact on user experience

You should also avoid using low-quality photos on your website because they can have a negative impact on user experience. A user who doesn’t get to see clear and attractive pictures is less likely to stay on your site. This could increase your bounce rate and harm your online authority.

Shoppers love to buy products that have excellent packaging, and that’s just part of why design is considered so critical. These days, movie posters, book covers, album covers, even boxes for products are designed by professionals, and this is true for images as well.

People use high-quality photography to make their products more alluring. But when you use a low-quality image, you can actually negatively impact your sales, causing you to lose (rather than save) money.

They diminish your product’s value

You may also use images on your site to show examples of your work or your products. And if you use low-quality images, you’re going to diminish the value of your products. Imagine if you were on a real estate website trying to decide whether or not you should visit a house. If the images of the house don’t look appealing, your decision as a buyer is instantly influenced, and you’ll move on. The same thing applies if you sell cars, cleaning services, digital downloads, etc.

Plus, when you’re specifically dealing with mobile marketing, lower image quality on a small screen could mean that your potential customer might not even be able to tell what they’re looking at due to size or blurriness.

seo stats that increase due to high quality images

They ruin your ranking potential

Images are much more than a beautiful presentation of your product; they’re also a tool that can increase the search ranking of your website. If you have high-quality images and if their meta tags and descriptions are well-optimized, then they’ll come up in image searches more frequently.

Now, even though the picture quality does not impact how well your image is optimized, it does influence its click through rate and viral potential. Better quality images have a higher click through rate; people are more likely to share them on social networks like Pinterest and Instagram. Also, bloggers are more likely to use your images in their posts.  Diminishing the opportunity to be featured in a viral post is a huge business mistake!

Higher quality images get more exposure, more clicks, and a better conversion rate, which are factors that impact your website’s ranking. So, with a better ranking, your product becomes more relevant, and more likely to acquire new customers, which is an essential part of growing your business. In other words, lower image quality can prevent you from moving forward.

As you can see, with high-quality images you open up a lot of doors and a lot of possibilities for your business. Not tapping into these benefits could significantly hinder your progress.

Hopefully, this gives you enough reasons to avoid low image quality in mobile advertising campaigns. Such a move could make the campaign less effective, and could harm your reputation as a business owner.


isabella foreman - content writer and quality images expertGuest Post by: Isabella Foreman

Isabella Foreman is a content writer by profession and enjoys writing about travel, photography, home improvement, and cooking. She spends her off-work time with family, traveling to explore new places!

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