Managing all of your social media accounts can seem like a challenge.  It can be time-consuming and you may hit creative walls and have no idea what to post!  Check out some of our favorite social media tools that will help you streamline the process, save time, and be more effective.

buffer is one of our favorite social media tools for scheduling posts


Price: There is a free plan, but we highly recommend going with Pro, which is $15 a month.

Buffer is, by far, our favorite social media scheduling tool.  It’s power-packed with helpful features that save you time and help you take advantage of the great content that you’re creating.  Here are some of my favorite features of Buffer:

  1. Scheduling for multiple platforms.  Easily schedule out the same blog posts, pictures, videos, or other content for all of your social media profiles (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, etc.) at once.  Create a posting schedule with time blocks for each platform (or let Buffer use their knowledge of your audience and each platform to create the blocks for you) and then fill your stream with content.  Buffer will automatically schedule everything for you based on the blocks that you set up.  This lets you add content in batches without bugging your followers and helps you take advantage of the best times to post.
  2. Platform customization.  Customize each post for the platforms you’re sending it out on.  Shorten the description length for Twitter.  Add unique hashtags for Instagram.  Choose the boards you want to post your pin on.  This helps you take advantage of each platform individually.
  3. Team collaboration.  If you’re an agency or if you have several people involved in your social media management, Buffer’s team tools are excellent.  Your team members can create and share drafts so that you can approve content before it goes out.  There are also permissions that you can set for each platform so that your Facebook manager doesn’t also have access to Instagram.
  4. Feed curation.  Buffer allows you to take advantage of RSS feeds to pull in content from your favorite websites.  You can easily view all of the blog posts from sites that you follow and add them to your schedule.
  5. Analytics. Buffer analytics are top-notch.  You can see your most popular posts by platform (and easily add them back into your stream), see their data (comments, likes, reach, etc.), and make valuable social media decisions based on that.  Everything is in one place!

You can find Buffer here:

tailwind is one of our favorite social media tools for Pinterest


Price: Starting at $9.99 a month

Tailwind is the ultimate Pinterest tool and, with a proper strategy, it can really amp up your Pinterest game.  It saves you a ton of time pinning and re-pinning and helps you make the most of your content.  Here are my favorite features:

  1. Scheduling.  Start by creating time slots that Tailwind can use to schedule your pins.  You can either allow them to use their analytics and data to create the best slots or you can create your own.  Then, fill up your Pinterest queue with pins!  You can add blog posts, photos, and other bloggers’ content in one big batch, select the correct boards and add your description/link, then sit back and let Tailwind schedule them out for you.  I typically recommend that clients sit down and do this once a week, but you could schedule pins as often as you want and as far ahead of time as you want!
  2. Chrome extension.  I love the Tailwind Chrome extension because it lets you add anything that you want to your Tailwind queue!  Schedule images from your website, Pinterest, or even your favorite blogs by just clicking the Schedule button that appears when you hover over a picture.
  3. SmartLoop.  This is Tailwind’s newest feature, and it’s a winner!  It’s essentially an automation tool that lets you add evergreen pins (like your top blog posts) or boards to a loop; those pins will then be re-pinned to boards you select every so often.  This is a great way to repurpose your content without ever having to think about it!
  4. Tailwind Tribes.  Tribes are like curated Pinterest group boards that help you get your pins out to a larger audience.  Join them based on topic (like food, fashion, travel, etc.) and then share your pins to everyone in the tribe.  Most have rules that require you to re-pin an equal number of members’ pins as the ones that you post, which encourages others’ to pin your pictures and provides extra content for you!

You can find Tailwind here:

Feedly is one of our favorite social media tools for finding content


Price: Free, but with paid plans available

Feedly is excellent at helping you find relevant content to post on your social media accounts.  You can easily organize blog posts, news, and topics into categories and find the most interesting reads to share with your followers.  Here are some of my favorite features:

  1. Add content from a variety of sources.  You can add content to feeds using hashtags, topic searches, specific blogs or websites, or even import from existing RSS feeds.  You can also add their Chrome extension so that, if you come across a website you particularly like, you can add it to your feed.
  2. Categorize feeds.  Let’s say you post about several topics – in our case, that would be graphic design, marketing, web development, business, etc.  In Feedly, you can create a category for each one and then filter content based on that category.  This helps you find content relevant to exactly what you want to post about!
  3. Save or share.  When glancing through your feeds, you can save a post to read later, share it directly to your social media platforms, or tag it so that you can filter content even further later.

You can find Feedly here:

Canva is one of our favorite social media tools for design


Price: Free (with business/paid plans available)

If you’re not a graphic designer, Canva is the perfect tool to help you create professional-looking social media graphics.  You can easily put together quotes, design simple infographics, or just crop photos so they’re the right size for your social platform.  While I wouldn’t consider this a real substitution for the Adobe Suite or a professional graphic designer, it’s a great supplement.  Here are some of my favorite things about Canva:

  1. Sizes for every platform.  Canva already has the work done for you.  Select the type of image you’re creating (Facebook post, Pinterest graphic, Instagram post, etc.) and the sizing will be exactly what that platform requires.  You can even use it to put together those pesky cover photos!
  2. Easy-to-use templates.  Canva also provides ready-to-use templates for various social platforms.  Want to build an infographic for Pinterest?  Canva has a template for you.  Thank your followers when you reach a milestone?  There’s a template for that.  Announce a sale?  That’s right; a template exists.  Just customize with your colors, logo, and images!
  3. A library of extra elements for just $1.  There are a lot of great icons, images, and graphics that are free, but even the premium resources are just $1.00!  This will save you a lot of money, especially if you’re just adding one or two things.
  4. Image frames.  These are one of my favorite Canva features because they can be used for so many things.  Create your image size (it can be a pre-set size for a social media platform or a custom size), insert a frame, then upload an image and drop it into the frame.  Canva will automatically crop your image to be that size and you can adjust it if needed.  This feature can help you make sure the featured images for your blog posts are all the same size, ensure uniformity with gallery images on your website, or make sure that nothing gets cut off on your social media images.

Get started with Canva here:

click to tweet is one of our favorite social media tools for WordPress

Click to Tweet

Price: free

So Click to Tweet is really a WordPress plugin, but if your audience is on Twitter, it’s invaluable.  You can easily create visually-appealing pull-quotes within your blog posts that allow your readers to Tweet directly from your website.  Here are a couple of my favorite features:

  1. Attractive design.  The pull-quotes are well-designed and will mesh with the flow of your blog perfectly.  Choose your most impactful snippets and they’ll really stand out from the rest of your content and encourage your readers to Tweet.
  2. Twitter handle addition.  Click to Tweet automatically adds in your Twitter handle so you’ll always be attributed.

Download Click to Tweet here:

Google Alerts is one of our favorite social media tools for finding content

Google Alerts

Price: free

I love Google Alerts for content generation.  You can set up alerts for pretty much anything you want and get automatic emails with the latest news about those topics.  Here are a few things I love about Google Alerts:

  1. Keep track of your brand.  You can easily set up alerts for your company name and find out about press features or other news mentions.  Or, you can do the same thing for your competitors!
  2. Get the latest news in your industry.  Set up alerts for industry keywords or other topics that you think your audience is interested in.  Then, you’ll get ideas for social media posts sent straight to your inbox!
  3. Get really specific with filters.  For each alert, you can choose how often you receive it, the sources you receive (news, blogs, videos, etc.), and even the region that you want the alerts to come from.

Set up Google Alerts here: is one of our favorite social media tools for hashtag generation

Price: free

Struggling with choosing the right Instagram hashtags? provides resources and data that will help you generate the perfect hashtags for your post.

  1. Find the best hashtags based on your post topic.  Type in one keyword and All-Hashtag will generate 30 hashtags based on that keyword.  You can choose between top hashtags, random hashtags, or similar hashtags to find the perfect combination for your image.
  2. Save time on your phone.  It can take forever to type out a # before every hashtag you want to use.  The hashtag creator will take your list of words and turn them into hashtags for you so that you can just copy and paste directly to Instagram.
  3. Hashtag analytics.  Search a hashtag and find out how it compares to others in the same category.

Use here: 

HyperLapse is one of our favorite social media tools for timelapse videos


Price: free

HyperLapse is an app from Instagram that helps you easily make timelapse videos.  Here are a few of my favorite features:

  1. Stabilization.  It automatically stabilizes your footage so that whether you’re filming a timelapse of your watercolor painting or your afternoon hike, the video is steady and stable.
  2. Speed up your video.  Easily speed up your video up to 12 times its original speed.
  3. Share to Facebook and Instagram right from the app.

Download HyperLapse here:

CutStory is one of our favorite social media tools for Instagram stories


Price: free

CutStory is an Instagram app that helps you easily cut longer videos into Instagram-Story-length segments.  Here’s what we love about it:

  1. Automatic segments.  Choose a video of any length and CutStory will automatically save it to your media library in segments of 15 seconds.
  2. Add fun details.  Add music, stickers, and other decor to your videos.
  3. Directly post to Instagram.  You can quickly post to your Instagram stories straight from the app.

Download CutStory here:

Easil is one of our favorite social media tools for Instagram Stories


Price: free, with paid upgrades available

Easil is similar to Canva, but has excellent templates specifically designed for Instagram Stories.  They’re a great way to get something that looks professional up on your profile without spending too much time on the design.  Here are some of our favorite parts of Easil:

  1. Templates that are specific to Instagram stories.  They’re designed with that purpose in mind and have layouts for Top Tips, Behind the Scenes, Instagram Takeovers, New Products, and more.
  2. Easily customizable templates.  Make them your own with custom colors, logos, and fonts.

Get started here:

your blog is your best social media tool

Your Blog

Ultimately, the best social media tool out there is your own blog.  Why?  Because good, quality blog posts feed everything that you do on social media.  They allow you to answer your customers’ questions, prove your industry knowledge, highlight products and projects, and include calls to action to purchase your products or services.  Don’t forget to spend time on great content!