What excites us most is to see our clients win.

Blue Ivory Creative is a marketing and design company that is passionate about partnering with entrepreneurs and small businesses to fulfill their goals.  Why? Because we’re entrepreneurs too and we understand the struggles and the rewards. Blue Ivory has thrived because of our one-of-a-kind approach to delivering marketing and creative services.

Blue Ivory Creative’s unique marketing and design team has the ability to function as your full-scale marketing department, or work on individual campaigns and projects. Either way, a true partnership for your success is our number one goal. We only win when you win so you know that our team is dedicated to your success.

Our team is able to work with higher efficiency, quality, and consistency. This saves you time, money and hassle while improving your bottom line. We allow business owners the freedom to stop managing a slew of freelancers or pay out salaries to a whole team of in-house employees. Our clients boast about how great it feels to have one reliable team that they can always turn to for all things marketing and creative. To our clients, it’s better than having an in-house marketing department – we bring fresh ideas and groundbreaking outside perspectives.

“I own several businesses from stone quarries to marketing groups. Blue Ivory opened our eyes to some new things that have changed the way we do business and life! Great team with an eye for what’s new and what works!” – Ned R.

Our clients range from authors, speakers, coaches, service providers, musicians, to local businesses, tourist attractions and national brands, retailers, and e-commerce stores. No matter what you’re passionate about; we have something for you.  We get to work with some of the best brands in the world and also transform new organizations into the living dreams of their founders.

Think you can’t afford the full-scale marketing campaign of your dreams? See how we make it possible.

Think you don’t have the time? See how we give you more.

Think you can’t afford to launch the business you’ve always wanted?  See how we can change your entire perspective.

About Us

Blue Ivory Creative was founded by Luke and Kathryn Marr.  Luke is an entrepreneur at heart who started his first business as the age of 12, signing major contracts and gaining impressive media attention.  Kathryn is a designer who is fascinated by the role of graphic design in defining brands.

Blue Ivory started at the request of business owners in their professional network. Luke and Kathryn realized they had a unique ability to combine services and lead teams more efficiently than most organizations large or small. They felt compelled to expand this vision and bring it to life to help as many fellow entrepreneurs as possible. Since that time, individuals and organizations from across the country have been knocking at the door – and Luke and Kathryn have been meeting them with unrivaled passion, excitement and commitment.

Core Values

  • Extending trust
  • Delivering excellence
  • Developing partnerships
  • Embracing creativity
  • Creating a fun and rewarding work environment
  • Investing in motivated, passionate people