Why Growing Businesses Can’t Ignore Cybersecurity Threats

Customers, businesses, and government authorities are increasingly exposed to threats emanating from cyberspace. Businesses are especially at risk because their manpower and data footprint is ever widening. As a business owner, it’s critical that you perform high-quality cybersecurity checks to protect your data, clients, and personnel.

Check out this infographic from EPC Group for a visual guide to cyber security in 2018:

Cybersecurity Infographic

Infographic credit: EPC Group

To put matters in perspective, in 2017, Disney Film Studio was compromised by hackers demanding a ransom to prevent the online release of a pirated version of a movie. The online hacking of 2013 compromised 40 million Target store users and their credit and debit card information. The following year, Home Depot revealed that more than 56 million credit card payments were marked as high risk following a cyber-attack.

But it’s not just large businesses that stand to lose megabucks.

Cyber-attacks are compromising a massive 43 percent of small businesses and what’s worse, more than 60 percent of these small firms face closure within six months of hacking.

If businesses are under attack, their customers are equally at risk.

More than half of small businesses in operation admitted that cyber-attacks were compromising both company and customer data.

As a customer, it’s a do-or-die situation because you could be sharing your name, email address, contact number or bank account details. When this sensitive data is stolen, you are exposed to sophisticated phishing protocols that use your mail to entice you to divulge more information. Lured into thinking that you are communicating with a genuine business, you’re actually providing information to a hacker.

Both businesses and customers need to wise up about cyber threats, and what they should be doing to protect their data.

If cybersecurity threats are growing, we face a shortage of cyber professionals.

By 2019, we’ll be facing a shortage of skilled cybersecurity professionals estimated to be around 1.5 million. This is a worrying scenario considering that by 2019, we are exposing our businesses to a cumulative loss of $6 trillion through malicious cyber-attacks.

To crack this dilemma, North Central University initiated a new program – the Master’s in Science and Technology, majoring in Cybersecurity. The idea is to nurture skilled cyber specialists capable of neutralizing cyber threats by leading and motivating teams of dedicated specialists.

The Department of Homeland Security summarized it neatly by stating that the transactional nature of our daily work, the vitality of our economy, and the security of the nation depend a great deal on the security of cyberspace. And, NCU’s specialization in cybersecurity is the way forward, nurturing a talent pool of cyber specialists that can help us tackle cyber-attacks and plug security breaches.

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