11 of the Best Social Media Tools

Managing all of your social media accounts can seem like a challenge.  It can be time-consuming and you may hit creative walls and have no idea what to post!  Check out some of our favorite social media tools that will help you streamline the process, save time, and be more effective.

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Social Media and Its Wonders for eCommerce

In recent years, we've learned that eCommerce expansion isn't a laughing matter.  Since old-fashioned marketing tactics and brick and mortar stores are facing defeat, online strategies are here to save your business!  Learn how social commerce can help your eCommerce site be successful.

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A Look Into Visual Social Media Layouts and the New Twitter Design

So Twitter released its new design and layout and, honestly, here was my first thought: It looks just like Pinterest. I mean, sure, there are some differences, but the masonry layout, image-heavy design, and categorization look very similar to its competitor.  Here are the two side-by-side:   Of course, I don't [...]

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9 Brands That Won on Instagram This Summer

Social media is crucial for brands to master. Not only is it a low-cost method of marketing, various social media platforms provide the opportunity for brands to connect more than ever with fans and followers. However, once you get beyond Facebook, many businesses can struggle with how to utilize social media. Check out these 9 [...]

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The History of Social Media

Social media has revolutionized the way that we communicate, share information and connect with each other.  Globally, there are approximately 1.73 billion active users on various social media platforms.  But how did social media get to that point?  Look through our infographic below to learn about the history of social media.  And thanks to Digital [...]

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Why Use Social Media in Your Business?

Social media is an incredibly important part of your marketing strategy.  It’s an amazing way to create customer engagement and solve problems faster than you ever could before.  A large percentage of your potential customers are on social media and your satisfied customers are likely to recommend your product or service to a friend, which [...]

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