Etsy Products to Put On Your Business Wishlist

As entrepreneurs, we love Etsy.  Why?  It provides great opportunities to support small businesses and artisans.  While there a lot of products to sort through on the platform, we took the time to find some of the best products for business owners.

1. Handmade Camera Strap


this handmade floral camera strap is #1 on our Etsy products for business owners list

This beautiful, handmade camera strap comes in a variety of patterns and is made of durable, natural materials.  Great for photographers, videographers, or business owners who take their own product photos!

Purchase from Olive and Rye Handmade.

2. Leather Portfolio

$49.00 – $76.00

a beautiful, handmade leather portfolio for business owners

This gorgeous leather portfolio is 100% handmade with genuine cowhide leather.  It was designed to protect your iPad or tablet and also includes pockets for phones, credit cards, chords, notebooks, pens, and a number of other items that you may want to carry around with you!  This is perfect for a business owner on the go or an entrepreneur who wants to put their best face forward in client meetings.

Purchase from Atelier Colors.

3. Custom Business Card Holder


decorate your office with this custom business card holder

Choose from four different types of wood for this beautiful, handmade business card holder.  You can even get your logo custom engraved into the wood!  This makes a great gift (or gift for yourself!) and dresses up your desk or office nicely.

Purchase from BTR Woodworks.

4. Handmade Wooden Pen


a handmade wood pen makes a great gift or office decor

This handmade pen will wow your clients and make your office feel more professional and custom.  Made of exotic zebra wood with chrome accents, it’s sure to impress.

Purchase from Kentucky Woodwork

5. Wood Arrow Shelf

$34.99 – $44.99

organize essential oils, paints, or other products with this arrow shelf

Handmade in Tennessee, these shelves come in a variety of colors/stains.  They’re perfect for small product storage and display (especially essential oils, nail polish, etc.) and organization (think paint storage!) With so many different uses, they’re sure to make your office space organized.

Purchase from His Hers Woodworking

6. Laptop Table


this lap table includes slots for tablets and phones

This lap pad will make your workstation portable and is one of our favorite products for business owners!  Equipped with laptop ventilation, a full-sized mousepad, 2 tablet/smartphone docks, a carry handle, and pass-through ports for charging cables, it’s an engineering wonder.

Purchase from LapPad

7. Large, Leather-Bound Notebook


a custom, leather journal makes a great gift for entrepreneurs

Hand-stitched with beautiful leather and full of 240 lined pages, this notebook is perfect for taking client notes!  And the antique clasp will make it stand out and look professional.

Purchase from The Artist Studio.

8. A Custom Rubber Logo Stamp

$16.95 – $38.95

a custom logo stamp is a great way to customize your envelopes

A custom logo stamp can be helpful for your business in dozens of ways.  Use it for DIY labels or tags, stamp it on your packages or envelopes, or even use it as a signature on your artwork or other products. This wooden, rubber stamp is a great size and of high quality.

Purchase from Yellow Bess.

9. A Giant Chalkboard Wall Calendar – $54.00

organize your schedule with this chalkboard wall calendar

This chalkboard wall decal is a great way to keep track of your goals for the day, your to-do list, and a schedule of your appointments.  Apply to a wall or glass and write on it with chalk, then erase for the next week!

Purchase from Fab Decals.

10. A Product Stand

$23.12 – $27.98

use this product stand for jewelry at your next flea market

If you often sell at flea markets, wedding shows, or other types of events, then you’re aware of how important an attractive, professional display is.  This wooden product display is perfect for jewelry, soap, and a variety of other small products.  It keeps all of your items front and center!

Purchase from The KE Collection.

11. Relaxing Bath Bomb Set – $14.99

these bath bombs can help you relax and destress

As entrepreneurs, we all get stressed once in a while.  Why not relax with some beautiful, all-natural, scented bath bombs?  These also make excellent client gifts, and the seller provides a bulk product listing just for that purpose!

Purchase from Pink Tub Boutique

12. A Business Planner – $25.00

this business planner is one of the best products for business owners

This notebook has pages specifically designed for business owners.  They’ll help you conceive of new ideas, incubate those ideas, hatch them into a fully-formed business plan, and then act on those plans.

Purchase from Two Tmbleweeds

13. An Office Entryway Organizer


this entryway organizer keeps your business items organized

This is a great way to keep the entryway to your office organized.  Use the hooks for bags or coats, keep important business cards front-of-mind with the magnetic strip, and stick mail or important documents in the other slots.  You can also replace the monogram with your business logo.

Purchase from Urban Alloy.

14. Custom Wine Bottle Labels

$33.00 (for 18)

custom wine bottle labels make excellent client gifts

Client gifts can be a great way to stay top-of-mind and let you know how much you appreciate them. A bottle of wine makes an excellent gift, and why not customize the bottle with your own label?  While this specific label was designed for realtors, mortgage brokers, etc. this shop could absolutely customize their products for business owners with your logo or design.

Purchase from Nancy Nikko Design.

15. Motivational Mug

$15.00 – $18.00

stay motivated with this coffee mug for entrepreneurs

Everyone knows that most entrepreneurs survive on lots and lots of coffee.  Why not be reminded of what you can turn that coffee (and lots of hard work!) into?  Dishwasher and microwave safe, this works well as a mug or as a desk accessory.

Purchase from Simply Defined Designs.

16. A Large, Rustic Wall Clock

$145.00 – $165.00

this rustic wall clock will look great as office decor

This rustic wall clock is a great way to decorate your office and will help you keep an eye on the time!  You can even customize the clock with the date your business was opened, your logo, or anything else you might have in mind!

Purchase from The Woodland Story Co.

17. Customized Wood Slices


custom logo wood slices make great photo props and flat lays

Why purchase custom logo wood slices?  They make excellent photo props.  Use them in combination with your products to add your branding and a unique style of watermark.  They also make great desk decor!

Purchase from Shamara’s Pretty Things.

18. An Inspirational Print


keep inspirational quotes on your wall to stay motivated

Surrounding yourself with inspirational quotes is a great way to stay on track!  This digital download can easily be printed on your office printer and framed however you’d like!

Purchase from Kathryn Marr Designs

19. An Open/Closed Sign


this open/closed sign will keep customers informed

If you have a storefront, this handmade, rustic open/closed sign is a great way to let your customers know whether or not you’re open!  It’s reversible, so it can easily be flipped depending on your status.

Purchase from And Here’s Your Sign.

20. A Handmade Laptop/Tablet Sleeve

$25.90 – $28.90

this wool and leather tablet case keeps your device protected

When walking into a meeting or even just going to the office, why not take your device in a beautiful, handmade case?  This one is light, but durable and made with genuine wool and leather.  While this case is made specifically for the Microsoft Surface Pro, the shop can make it in any size, and has other options for laptops/tablets.

Purchase from Wise Stitch.

Are we missing any of your favorite Etsy products for business owners?  Comment with a link below!

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