Fighting Fear and Doubt as an Entrepreneur – An Interview with Corinne Kerston

This week, we were able to sit down with the amazing Corinne Kerston and discuss how entrepreneurs can overcome fear and doubt!  I think you’ll find her tips extremely helpful and if you have any other questions, feel free to reach out to her on her website below!

Corinne helps entrepreneurs overcome doubt and fear

Corinne is a business mindset coach and visibility badass who strives to help passionate, powerful female entrepreneurs get over any fears that are holding their business back and finally succeed. Part mindset, part visibility, lots of business confidence; Corinne helps women kick fear in the ass and build a business that fills their heart with joy. Visit her website for her free report, Is Your Fear Holding You Back?

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1. What is your brief elevator pitch?

I help women get past any limiting thoughts and fears that are holding them back, and move forward in their business with total confidence.

2. What inspired you to fight against fear and doubt?

My own entrepreneurial journey has been plagued with doubt and fear, and unfortunately, I didn’t realize it for years.

I spent years second-guessing my offers, my prices, even my expertise, never realizing that self-doubt was holding me back and keeping me at a lower level of success. If we don’t fully believe in ourselves, why would anyone else, right?

It was quite a journey to understanding my fears because a lot of these fears run deep and aren’t about business at all. But in my journey, I realized I’m not alone and that understanding doubts and fears, and increasing confidence, was something I felt called to help other people do as well.

3. What is the most common doubt that you see in business owners and what is your top recommendation to fight it?

I think we tend to doubt ourselves a lot. Even when we’re feeling confident most of the time, there are always those times where doubt tends to creep in and bring our vibe way down. It may be a launch that isn’t going well or seeing another entrepreneur skyrocket successfully past us. It’s in those times when we start to feel a little “less than” and for a brief moment we doubt ourselves.

My top recommendation is to keep a list of accomplishments handy. Write a list of all the things you’ve done, accomplished and are grateful for. Pull this list out whenever you need a kick of confidence and a reminder of how great you are.

4. What is your favorite book for women entrepreneurs?

My favorite book is continually changing, but right now I’m loving You are a Badass by Jen Sincero. I love her personality and her no-nonsense approach to mindset and confidence.

5. Do you have any recommendations for business owners who are afraid to charge what they’re worth?

Pricing is a difficult one, and it’s something I personally struggled with. I’d set a price, lower it because it seemed too high, then raise it again because I was afraid it wouldn’t be valued.

The one thing that really helped me was understanding that people aren’t really investing in your product or service. They’re investing the money in themselves. If you can prove to potential clients you have what it takes and show them the benefits of working with you or buying from you, they’re going to invest.

And that, of course, goes back to confidence and without a doubt knowing you’re worth a certain value.

6. What do you feel are the biggest benefits of group coaching for the people that you work with?

Group coaching can provide a safe place to be open, get feedback and more. I feel it’s a personal preference; some people do well one on one while others thrive in a group setting. And, of course, some people who prefer the intimacy of 1:1 coaching could actually use a group setting to get them out of their comfort zone.

7. When do you think fear is necessary and when is it debilitating?

I don’t think fear is necessary, but it’s not always avoidable. Fear, when we get to the root of it, gives us an inside look at the beliefs we have about ourselves that no longer serve us. It’s when we can understand the root of the fear that it is no longer debilitating for us. It may creep up again, but when we can easily recognize it as a fear or a negative belief, we can quickly end it and move on from it.

learn to overcome doubt and fear!
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