Graphic Design Services

We create graphics that set your brand apart.

At Blue Ivory Creative, we take all the pieces that make your business special and convert those into highly-effective visual elements.  No matter the scale of your graphic design project – from full-scale branding solutions to individual design pieces – we’ll help you communicate your message to your target audience in a professional, memorable way.

  • Logos

  • Business cards

  • Stationery and letterhead

  • Social media graphics

  • Flyers and brochures

  • Presentations and folders

  • Packaging and labels

  • Signage and billboards

  • Infographics and eBooks

  • Sales materials & postcards

  • Posters

  • Digital and print ads

  • Menus and door hangers

  • Mugs, t-shirts, and promotional materials

  • Catalogs and book layouts

We create memorable, full-scale brands that go beyond the logo.

A brand is much more than just a logo or name. Your branding is the entire “voice” you extend to your customers – from the ads you use to attract business to the style of your customer service, social media messaging, packaging, and more.

In a way, your brand is the “personality” of your business. And you want it to stand out.

While we do offer one-off graphic design services, our full-scale branding services take to heart our integrated services approach – our design and marketing teams work together with our clients to create a clear brand voice that communicates effectively with the right audience to invoke the right actions and feelings and accurately portray your company’s unique offerings and culture.

We can’t create your company’s culture and unique offering for you, but we can help you communicate it effectively.

Our Branding Process:

1. Conversation

We’ll spend time learning about your business, goals, audience, and vision to create a brand that helps you meet your goals.

2. Research + Strategy

We’ll research your target audience, competitors, and industry and use that information to build an effective branding strategy.

3. Design

We’ll come up with several unique design concepts for your branding materials and work with you to finalize them.

4. Guidelines + Training

We create branding guidelines that dictate what logo versions, colors, fonts, and more are used in various situations for your team.

We partner with you for market research and to outline all of the necessary elements for your brand. When starting out, this may not be too extensive, but the older, larger, and more established your company is, the more elements we look at.

From a design standpoint, we create branding guidelines that dictate what logo versions, colors, fonts, and more are used in various situations.  Your internal team can reference the same document so that regardless of who is creating new materials or interacting with customers, you can portray a consistent message. This is particularly important for companies that have internal marketing or customer service staff members with multiple locations.

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