How to Create the Perfect Home Office

Hi Everyone! I’m Kristin from Postbox Designs, and thanks so much to Kathryn for letting me share with you all today! Like so many of you, I’m trying to juggle my job, obligations, kids, keeping up on laundry (ha!)…all while trying to work from home! I’m an interior designer, but also a mom with three young kids. So working from home is a dream. But I had found myself working from every area in my house…and it made me feel so much less organized. So I decided I needed a home office to call my own.

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Office #1: Neutral Glam

This sleek desk is small so it can fit into a little niche. But I also made up for it by loading it up with two types of vertical storage. These free-standing gold shelves may look expensive, but they are really an Ikea hack! Find the whole (super easy) tutorial from Style Me Pretty. Load up your shelves with these pale gray boxes that will hide the not-so-pretty office supplies.  Likewise, the area above your desk is another spot for vertical storage. Just a few dollars and a can of gold spray paint can take these inexpensive Ikea shelves into the glam they are supposed to be. Find that tutorial from Carissa Miss for a simple DIY project.

Furthermore, don’t use a hodge podge of mismatched office supplies…these hammered gold pieces are from Target and this adorable trashcan will only set you back $7!

example of home office decor, neutral glam style

Find more about this office PLUS find links to all of the products you see HERE!

Office #2: Budget Friendly

That’s right! Everything shown (with the exception of the art print) is from our favorite…Target! And it cost a mere $273. The office has a more masculine, industrial  touch to it. But with one simple piece of art like this “Boss Lady” print (for only $5!), everyone will remember who’s the boss! I always recommend using an “inbox” (Item #1) to keep all of your important papers together so they don’t get lost in the shuffle.

modern home office decor example

This office was Day 17 of my 30 Day Design Challenge, where I showed my readers one room or project they could tackle every day for a month.

Find it all all of the products HERE!

OFFICE #3: Warm & Industrial

This home office came from a Design Challenge where I took a similar office that would retail for $4734 (yipes!) Then I created a knock-off version that is just as great, BUT for only $653. Remember talking about the vertical storage? This industrial shelf is a workhorse, plus it has wheels! I always love to add an inspirational piece of art into a home office so this “Hustle” print made me smile. 🙂 And to add some extra bling to the room, this gold pendant is a steal at only $99…it will make your whole space, I promise!

industrial home office decor example

To find all of the links to these products (plus see the office that cost over 5x more, find it HERE!

Office #4: The Shared Office

Sometimes an office has to be shared…maybe one of you works there and someone else pays the bills at the same desk. Or maybe your kids need a spot to study as well. Whatever the case, sometimes you need to plan for multiple users. In this case, I created a “station” for each person. I created this  MOOD BOARD for a triple kid’s homework station. Each child has their own chair, assigned spot (right under their photos), and their own corral of supplies (not shown). The inbox on the end is for papers for Mom or Dad to sign.

example of home office decor for stay at home moms

Find all of the sources for this office AND see more “before” and “afters” HERE!

And here is the finished space come to life! While this office space was meant for children, it could just as easily be adapted for a grown-up’s home office as well! Each child has their own monogrammed pillow and work station to help avoid fights.

example of modern home office decor for moms with a homework station for kids

Office #5: Rustic Farmhouse

The Rustic Farmhouse uses “cottage” style elements like this shiplap wall and pharmacy light. The “farmhouse” elements come in forms of metal and rustic, distressed finishes (like this desk). Simple galvanized bins keep unattractive office supplies at bay. Going back to my very first office decor tip, add in some pretty but practical items. This bulldog makes me smile but he actually doubles up as a tape dispenser. These adorable folders for organizing files & calendar came straight from the Dollar Bin at Target!

rustic farmhouse office decor example

I hope these 5 Offices gave you some inspiration to pretty up your own workspace. Think about how many hours in the day you spend working…I want you to at least enjoy your surroundings!

If you need home office decor help (or help with other room in your house for that matter!) Check me out at Postbox Designs. Order your entire custom designed room in an hour over a cup of coffee…without ever having to leave home.

Now, that is great time management!

image of home office decor examples




Guest Post by: Kristin Thompson

photo of kristin, owner of post box designs, and interior design companyKristin Thompson is a mom of three and owns Postbox Designs, an E-Interior Design company that allows you to get a custom designed room without ever leaving home! In between carpool runs, she loves yoga, reading, and browsing the Dollar Bin at Target.




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