Overcoming Obstacles in Your Business – Tips from a Business Owner and College Student

Hello, everyone! For those of you who don’t know me: I’m Sierra Annastasia from Choice by Sierra; I’m a visual designer + business strategist, and I’m also a full-time college student – all at 19 years old. Phew! As an entrepreneur at 19 years old, my biggest obstacles to deal with are doubt, time, and money. I’ve mastered the art of strategically overcoming these obstacles, and I now help others do the same so they can exponentially grow their business. But let’s back up a little, I mean I just told you I’m an entrepreneur and a full-time college student. What’s up with that?

Where it all started

When I was a sophomore in high school, I sold refurbished furniture and I provided furniture refurbishing services. Because the curriculum in high school was easy for me to balance, I had plenty of time to grow this business. I learned how to attract ideal clients locally, and how to monetize these skills with an online presence. Sadly, when I began college last year, I had to bring this business to a halt because geez, is this whole college thing time consuming and expensive!

Since I had to stop refurbishing furniture for a while, I needed another source of income. I mean, hellooooooooo, crazy college expenses! I am determined to graduate with absolutely no student debt, so I wanted to start another business, especially because 9-5 jobs are low-paying and time-consuming – no thanks

I decided that since I was so successful with starting my business in high school, I wanted to teach others to do the same. I had taken a simple skill that I’d learned in only a few weeks, monetized it locally, and monetized it online. I now help students, entrepreneurs, and small business owners apply these strategies (in addition to others that I’m constantly learning more about) to their own businesses so that they can move past their obstacles that they often don’t even know are there and be successful to their fullest potential! Before I could help others overcome their biggest obstacles in order to unlock their unlimited growth potential, I first had to overcome my own. What were they, and how did I do it?

overcoming doubt is critical to a successful business

Overcoming Doubt

My biggest problem when I first started this journey was everyone who didn’t believe in me. The people closest to me, the people who barely even knew me – they all pretty much didn’t think I would be successful. Usually, this was due to the fact that they didn’t understand it, so they thought it wasn’t possible (it’s like poor Chicken Little when no one believed him).

I had to come to the realization that my risk taking was not the problem. I am the one with the goal and I am the one who has or will have the skills to reach it. Just because someone is unsupportive of my goal does not mean I’m the obstacle. It means that the people unsupportive of my decisions were the obstacles holding me back, and I needed to just move around it.

That was really my biggest and only obstacle, so now that I’m past it I just keep learning as much as I can. The more I learn, the more value I can provide to my audience and clients! 

Time Management

Think about things you do more than once in your business. These tasks could be daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly. No matter what or when the task is, ask yourself: what about it takes up time; how can you automate the task or implement a strategy to free up time?

I had a client who was the owner of a small business that installed custom hardwood flooring, usually in high-end houses. One task he had to do every year was take inventory, like most businesses. This was one of the most dreaded tasks he had to do because his warehouse was unorganized and no one was keeping track of what was used.

He hired me to come up with a solution. I developed 2 things: a layout for his warehouse to make the inventory organized (and not randomly scattered everywhere), and a system for keeping track of inventory throughout the year rather than having to count it (in an unorganized warehouse) every year. By fixing the root of the problem, the number one thing that makes counting inventory long and hard, it becomes effortless and is pretty much done by the time he needs to report this information to his accountant.

overcoming the obstacle of time management can help your business

Money Management

What do you spend money on in your business? What you budget your money on is important, as different expenses can have different levels of return on investment. Think about rearranging or revising your budget so you can save money or so you can use your money more effectively. Maybe you don’t need a virtual assistant if they aren’t saving you time or making you money. By firing this VA who wasn’t improving your business in any way, you’ve now saved yourself that monthly expense!

You can leave that money unspent, or you can use it more effectively on a better investment. By saving, let’s say, $50 a month from not having a “virtual assistant”, you can spend that money on an email marketing automation system so you now have a way to send customized automated emails, utilize sales sequences for these emails, and, in return, boost your sales.

Another significant investment to make is improving your income streams. Most millionaires have more than one income stream to make more money, and also as a safety net so if one fails you still have another. You could take the time and money to develop a digital product so that you now have a passive income stream, freeing up time and money for you and your business!


  1. Identify your major obstacles.
  2. What is the root of each obstacle?
  3. How can you strategically manage your time to make better use of it?
  4. How can you strategically spend your money so that you can save more and make more money?
  5. Don’t let anyone or anything hold you back. Don’t doubt yourself just because others don’t understand the potential for your beautiful ideas!

If you need more strategic assistance with business strategy, growth, and more, head over to www.choicebysierra.com to see how you can unlock your own unlimited growth potential!

Sierra helps businesses with overcoming obstacles such as time and money managementGuest Post by: Sierra Annastasia

Sierra Annastasia is a visual designer + business strategist, balancing entrepreneurship and college full-time. As she finds success in business growth and overcoming obstacles, she shares these strategies over at www.choicebysierra.com.
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