Project Description

Candy Galaxy

  • Built up to millions in sales in just a few years
  • Sold specialized candy by colors and themes for weddings and events

Candy Galaxy was founded by Belmont University entrepreneur Jonathan Murrell and his brother, James.  They were a major online candy retailer that was built up in just a few years to do over 1.5 million dollars a year in revenue.  It was so much fun to work with Jonathan and James and create something they could use to advertise their great company.  Since the time that we created this video for them, they went on to sell their company to a competitor and start other businesses.

The Project

We created this video to show the beauty of a candy buffet and share the different possibilities for their products.  The video was a part of their social media and online advertising campaign.

Our Results

  • Became their most popular video on social media
  • One of their most effective advertisements
  • Received 7x the views of their other videos combined