Project Description

Carol Marr

  • Decades of interior design experience
  • Owned a successful interior design company
  • Successful real estate agent in Columbia, SC with a focus on upscale, luxury homes.

One of the best things about owning your own business is being able to help out your family.  Carol Marr is co-founder, Luke’s, mother and a real estate agent in South Carolina.  She needed new branding and came to us, looking for something memorable.  It was such a great experience to create a unique branding identity for her, as well as real estate business cards that stood out from the rest.

The Project

Carol needed new business cards and wanted something that stood out from all of the stock real estate business cards.  We were able to incorporate two of her favorite colors – purple and gold – that fit with her upscale client base.  The business cards were printed on a thick cardstock, with the key element embossed for a classy, upscale feel.  She says that people compliment her on her business cards on a daily basis.