Project Description

Living Well Traveled

  • Fundraising branch endorsed by Christian industry giant Lifeway.
  • Sold thousands of products and changed thousands of lives.
  • Their amazing teenage founders have spoken at conferences around the nation.

Erwin and Diana Mendoza are the founders of Living Well Traveled and we have a lot of respect for them.  They’ve been able to create their dream lifestyle and be successful while world schooling their three children.  They’re fantastic mentors and we love working with them.

The Project

Erwin and Diana wanted a logo that was a family crest created specifically for them.  It needed to embody their values of faith, gratitude and action.  We created a logo for them that not  only showed those values, it also exhibited the bravery and confidence of a lion.  They’re excited to use this logo on their branding and share it with their kids for years to come.