Project Description

Sell and Stage Real Estate

  • One of the top real estate agents in Sumner County, TN
  • Has a passion for personal development and leadership, which translates into his real estate business.

Will Johnson, the founder of the Sell and Stage real estate team, is one of the most passionate and driven people that we’ve met.  He’s an inspiration to us every day and it’s been an absolute pleasure working with him on his unique real estate concept. He includes staging with every home purchase, which helps sellers sell their home faster and for more money.

The Project

Will Johnson of Sell and Stage Real Estate needed real estate postcards designed for an open house that he was hosting.  He’s all about making things fun, warm, and unique, but also needed something that fit with the professional, upper-class neighborhood that he was appealing to.  So we brought in some elements of traditional “wine and cheese” and a modern design, but mixed in a fun joke to grab attention.