Project Description

Skindles Skin Candles

Skindles creates face, hair, and body products using only the purest, most natural ingredients available.  From skin candles to body butters, each and every product is created specifically for the busy bee who wants to use luxe, invigorating products.

Based internationally, they sell their products across the globe, from Australia and the U.K. to America, Italy, and beyond.

The Project

Skindles needed a website redesign that screamed “luxe”.  Utilizing their muted brand color palette, we built a fully-functioning eCommerce site that provides their customers a place to learn more about the Skindles brand, discover the beauty of their products, and ultimately purchase and fall in love with their skin candles.

Since Skindles is an international retailer, there was also quite a lot of functionality involved in making the eCommerce process seamless for customers from all over the world.  Here are just a few of the functionality pieces that we set up:

  • Currency conversion for four international currencies
  • Wholesale ordering form with wholesale-specific product prices and shipping prices
  • Table rate shipping for five different world shipping zones
  • Abandoned cart emails to encourage more sales (with currency conversion integrated)
  • Slide-in cart that can be accessed from any page
  • Quick view product functionality
  • Multiple payment gateways depending on customer location
  • AfterPay payment plans
  • Product restrictions based on geolocation
  • PDF invoices and packing slips

eCommerce Functionality Examples

Custom “Quick View” Product Previews

Cart Slide-In for Easy Access

Wholesale Ordering with Special Pricing + Shipping

Currency Conversion for Customers & Bank Accounts