3 Reasons to Start your Side Hustle Today – Guest Post

Starting a business or side business can seem intimidating with all of the planning, researching and consistent work! But trust me, it’s worth it. I started my first side “hustle” when I was 5 years old. My sisters and I wanted money to buy candy and our mom didn’t give us the money, so we decided to make the money ourselves. We loved cherry Kool-aid and figured all of the kids in the neighborhood did too. So we made a huge batch, poured some in a bunch of zip lock bags and stuck them in the freezer, then BAM, the product! After testing a few ourselves, it was time to sell. We went cruising through the neighborhood looking for customers, priced our Kool-aid bags for 25 cents each, and sold out!

This was my real first taste of entrepreneurship and I haven’t looked back since. I’ve had side hustles my entire life! If I wanted or needed something, I would always find the money to get it. Whether it was selling frozen Kool-aid or custom CDs to my family, I always knew how to make and control my own money. I have carried this lesson with me even in my twenties.  I may be full time in my business, but I still have a side hustle that brings me additional passive income, currently Airbnb

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To me, starting a side hustle is more than just starting a business on the side, it’s about having the ability to make and control my own money. It’s the ability to take an idea and turn it into a profit. It’s about having the ability to get out of debt quickly, invest in your business, or save extra money to buy that new car you really want, without have to work overtime at your job. The Side Hustle is about FREEDOM, the  freedom to make and control the amount of money you wish to have, the ability to not have to work an extra 10 hours a week to make $1,000 more.

This post is more than 3 reasons why you should start a side hustle – it’s the 3 reasons why you NEED a Side Hustle, especially if you want to eventually leave your 9-5 to pursue a business idea.

  1. You have the ability to make and control your own money without working more hours.

What does this really mean? Making money is something everyone does or wants to do.  How to do most people make money? They work a job! But that number is beginning to shrink. According to INC.com, 27 Million Americans are trading in their corporate gigs for entrepreneurship. The 40-hour work week is becoming obsolete. People want the ability to make more money without having to put in more time at their job.

My two big reasons for going full time into my business were time and money. I wanted more time to do what I loved doing and the ability to control when, where and how I made my money. I didn’t want to continue to trade 40 hours a week for $1331 every 2 weeks. I can create an online, evergreen course and consistently make $3,000 a month, without having to get up at 6:00am to go to work. I wanted more freedom, but freedom always costs! The real question is, are you will to pay the price?  Having a side hustle gives you the ability to have more freedom and time. You could have a side hustle that makes so much money that you can leave your 9-5 or even go part time and spend more time with your family and friends.

  1.  You can meet your financial goals a lot quicker.  

Most of the time, when someone wants to buy something or pay off a debt, they look at how much of their earned income they can save to meet that goal. A few months ago, I had a $1300 credit card debt that I wanted to pay off. But I wanted to use the least amount of earned income  as possible, so what did I do? I, of course, started a side hustle – an eBay store! With the money from my side hustle, a bit of my earned income and tax money, I was able to pay off my debt in 5 weeks. If I tried to do all of that with my earned income, while balancing my other financial responsibilities, it would have taken me 6 months! Having that additional income accelerated my debt freedom plan by 2 months.  You can do the same thing with your financial goals!

  1. It can create an easy segue into full time entrepreneurship.

Most people who work a 9-5 but want to be their own boss won’t just dive into it. They are afraid of losing their full time income and not being able to support themselves or their families. And I get it! It’s especially difficult when you have family members that you need to take care of. I’m not saying that you should be irresponsible, but plan accordingly. This is the reason that starting a side hustle is so important for you. You are essentially killing 2 birds with one stone; you are bringing in additional income and getting your feet wet with entrepreneurship. You can use that time to create your 9-5 exit strategy, save 4-5 months of expenses and build your entrepreneurial expertise.

So if any of these reasons above tickle your fancy, I have created the Side Hustle Checklist just for you. I want to help you get excited, organized and completely MASTER your side hustle.

The checklist includes 10 essential steps you can take to plan out your Side Hustle. Don’t let another day roll by that you’re not meeting your money or business goals; start your Side Hustle TODAY!

start your side hustle todayAuthor Bio:  My name is Brittany Robinson and I am a 25 years old Purpose + Business Coach. I coach aspiring women entrepreneurs on how to find their true purpose in business. Align their ideas with their purpose and focus on turning their idea into a business. I am also the CEO of Wealth Active, the parent company of several Purpose Driven Businesses.




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