Businesses around the world are evolving very quickly and both existing and new companies are working to adapt to new technologies and trends.  But throughout this process, the traditional business card has not lost its utility and relevance.

But in an era of digital technology and social media, the relatively plain and simple business card has undergone a cosmetic transformation. More and more businesses are customizing the design, layout, and text of their business cards to make them stand out.

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Seven reasons you still need business cards:

1. Business cards make networking easy.

Networking is a critical part of growing your business and making valuable connections.  But when you attend conventions, seminars, and meetings, you won’t always be able to interact with each and every professional there.  Carrying your business card becomes all the more important. You can easily hand out your business card to people you haven’t been able to start a discussion with or even place a stack of business cards on a convention table for people to grab as they walk by.  Business cards allow you to connect with even more professionals and make the most of your time.

2. Business cards are a physical LinkedIn profile.

If you are a business or industry professional, your business card is essentially your printed LinkedIn profile. A successful business card quickly conveys who your company is, what services/products you offer, and how to get in touch with you. Keep a stack of your business cards at your desk and hand them out to potential clients, who can easily stick them in their pocket.

3. Business cards provide culture, convention, and convenience.

Interestingly, business cards are embedded in the cultures of some countries, like China and Japan. If you attend a meeting in these countries without a business card, you may offend the professionals that you’re meeting with. Business cards may be such an important traditional internationally because of their convenience.  You may not always have time to pull out your phone and save a contact, but you can easily slip a business card into a client’s hand.

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4. Business cards show professionalism.

If you carry your business card along with you to a convention, seminar, or talk, you won’t have to juggle with a notebook and pen when exchanging contact information. Your smartphone and other gadgets are cool, but they aren’t as sophisticated as your beautiful business card. This is a great opportunity to impress potential investors and clients with your professionalism.

5. Business cards provide a customized marketing option.

Another reason to have your business card printed are all of the ways that you can customize your card. You have the option to be as creative as possible to attract potential clients. The creative design of your business card should be eye-catching and immediately connect with your audience.  It should also flow seamlessly with your other marketing materials and branding, like your logo, website, etc.

6. Business cards are the first step in building your reputation.

You should see your business card as an icebreaker. It stimulates intrigue in people and helps you develop interpersonal relations with potential clients. Sharing your business card is an easy first step in reputation building. as well as the first impression that you make on potential clients.

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7. Business cards help establish your brand.

One of the first things you should do after starting your business is to get your cards printed. Your business card is an important aspect of your portfolio. Not only does it help promote your business, but it’s a valuable branding component!


Because of these reasons, business cards will never become obsolete. They provide a lot of value and with the customization possible these days, their relevance has only increased.

It’s important to keep in mind that there are many business connections and professionals who prefer to rely on a business card to reach out to you rather than complicated technology. After all, “you make your business presentation while you hand out your business card to a prospect”.

jessica smithGuest post by Jessica Smith

Jessica is a marketing enthusiast and an influencer in the fashion & FnB verticals who focuses on the impact of visual branding on business growth.  She writes for Stuart Sign Store, specializing in t-shirt printing.