9 Signs You Need the Help of A Virtual Assistant

You may have heard of outsourcing in order to make the most of your marketing, but did you know that you can actually outsource time and business tasks too?

Spending too much time stressing over the day-to-day tasks? Losing sight of your real business purpose? We explore nine signs that you need a virtual assistant, across three important areas of business & life.

1. Spending too much time on admin

Do you spend all day tidying up your inbox, answering phone calls, recording expenses, invoicing, arranging travel, and doing other repetitive tasks?

Don’t fall into the trap of thinking that you’re the only person that can work on your business. Sure, it’s your business, and you’re the one that’s going to make it succeed. But in order to give yourself the best chance, you need to prioritize how you spend your time.

By hiring a virtual assistant to take care of routine, administrative tasks, you have more time to work on the important things that will really grow your business.

administrative tasks (social media, paperwork) that a virtual assistant can help with

2. Missing the high-value opportunities

If you find yourself spending too much time on administrative tasks, then you’re likely to be missing out on some high-value opportunities.

And to really grow your business, this is where you really need to focus your efforts. To succeed, your business needs a leader. Not just an administrator.

Think about the high-value opportunities for your business, and make the most of your unique talent as a leader. This might be calling new prospects, attending local networking events, or speaking at a conference.

Online there are literally hundreds of potential businesses you could invest in, tons of networking groups and Slack channels you could be contributing to, and about a million potential high-worth connections. Don’t miss out — you will regret it later!

If you are spending too much time on day-to-day tasks so you don’t have time for these activities, it’s time to hire a virtual assistant. By focusing on more valuable opportunities, you are leading your business to real success.

3. Not working on those big ideas

Does that big idea, that next awesome project, keep slipping down your to-do list? You’ve been thinking about it for six weeks now, but the distractions of the day-to-day routine tasks always get in the way of actually doing anything about it.

This is where a virtual assistant can help out. By hiring some help to take care of the repetitive tasks, you can free up your time to not only work on the obvious high-value opportunities but on new projects too.

You could even hire a virtual assistant to specifically work on your new idea with you. This way, you know you can focus on the important bits from the start.

4. You feel stressed and notice health effects

Are you beginning to notice an increase in stress? Every entrepreneur and business owner in the world takes a burden of worries to bed with them every evening.

These worries are understandable, but some of them can be prevented. There is no point in waking up in the middle of the night thinking about that invoice you haven’t sent, or that social media update you still haven’t posted – these are all tasks that a virtual assistant can help with.

Not only will you have help with these tasks at hand, but a virtual assistant will also go a long way to reducing your overall stress. It’s a double investment: in your business, and your health.

virtual assistant sitting at desk

5. You spend hours on your business but feel like you’re accomplishing little

Entrepreneurs and business owners often work long hours, but that doesn’t always mean they are successful. Working all hours of the day but still feeling like you haven’t accomplished anything? You’re not alone, but it’s a sign to change.

If the hours you are spending on your business are creeping up and up, but without a positive correlation to growth, you need to review your current working pattern and make a change.

You also need to get some help. It’s time to offload tasks which can be outsourced, such as the ones mentioned right at the beginning. A virtual assistant can help; you could book set hours per week, which is likely to take off double the hours of the burden from you.

6. Losing work/life balance

Have you ever had to make a decision between your business and your family? This is another sign that your current work/life balance isn’t quite right.

Entrepreneurs and business owners often feel a sense of responsibility towards putting their enterprises first. This can lead to conflict between work and life, interfering with family commitments and personal health.

Again, this is a sign to stop and get some help. A virtual assistant can bring back some balance in your life, and give you more control over your time.

7. You don’t have the budget for a permanent employee

Even if you acknowledge that you need help, you might be hesitant to employ somebody because you simply don’t have the budget. Taking on a permanent personal assistant is expensive, not only paying a serious salary but committing to taxes as well.

If you have this worry, take it a sign that you should consider a virtual assistant. You can get all the benefits of help without the financial burden of a permanent employee.

Work with a freelance virtual assistant and pay a set hourly, daily or project rate and they handle all their taxes.

virtual assistant on the phone

8. You don’t have an office for a physical assistant

If you’re also worried about not having a permanent office for a physical personal assistant to work from, this is another sign you should consider a virtual assistant.

Permanent employees not only require a workspace, but training and personal development support also need to be part of their package.

Virtual assistants enjoy the benefits of working remotely, removing the overheads of a physical premises. You may still need to train them, but only in order to do their tasks.

9. Treat yourself

Why are you running your business? Because you choose to, right? Running businesses, being entrepreneurs. It’s awesome. We’re totally in control of our lives and our destiny. We get to make our passions our work, so it shouldn’t even feel like work.

Don’t forget to stop and be mindful of this. Remember that where you are now is where you once dreamed of being. So, treat yourself: hire a virtual assistant. It will increase your control and make you feel good about giving work to somebody also keen to sustain themselves entrepreneurially. You will soon notice the benefits in productivity and improvements not only in your business but in your personal growth and health.

Enjoy your life, take a breath, and enjoy your business too.


victoria greene - writing about virtual assistants

Guest Post by Victora Greene

Victoria Greene is a freelance writer with a long history of covering entrepreneurial topics. On her blog, VictoriaEcommerce, she covers updates in the social media world, along with e-commerce and digital marketing.

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  1. Sam February 27, 2018 at 6:25 am - Reply

    This is very true.I am a very busy business person and I was facing the same problem of handling too much of work and I was under high pressure.My virtual personal assistant has helped me a lot over this matter and now I have good relief.

    • Kathryn February 27, 2018 at 6:31 pm - Reply

      Glad you found some relief! Virtual assistants can definitely help with a lot of extra work.

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