In recent years, we’ve learned that eCommerce expansion isn’t a laughing matter.  Since old-fashioned marketing tactics and brick and mortar stores are facing defeat, online strategies are here to save your business!  In fact, Facebook and Instagram can turn you into a millionaire if used correctly.

Around 51% of Americans shop online, and what they want is straightforward access to merchandise and services.  That means that eCommerce is all about providing a unique experience for clients.

Long gone are the checkout lines, annoying shop assistants and lifting heavy bags!

With eCommerce, buyers are able to do research, compare products and find appealing prices.  Online shopping means they can shop in the privacy of their homes, or whenever they have a work break, so they’re not rushing from store to store.

Let’s break the wonders of social media into chunks.

Ever since social networks came to the scene, people can’t get enough. Many don’t start the day before checking their online feeds first.  Everywhere we go, we see faces glued on desktops and smartphones, and we witness silent social gatherings. Whether on the metro, in a meeting or in class, social media is there to distract us from everyday life.

As a result, business experts have brainstormed ideas and gathered their resources to start a revolution in retail. Shopping as we know it is over. We would all rather get our goods delivered to our doorstep, right?

Commerce (noun) – transactions (sales and purchases) having the objective of supplying commodities (goods and services).

According to the dictionary, commerce entails the exchange of money and merchandise.  So when we throw social into the mix, we get a tool for assisting sales and improving buying.

2018 will continue with the social commerce trend. With over a billion users, Facebook is the top destination both for socializing and business. Your Facebook app lets you browse through Nike campaigns and eBay Daily Deals and find items you’ll love for a steal!

Social media is so widespread in business that brands use it to improve their reputation and engage with existing and potential customers, all for a low cost.  Facebook even allows using certain information to target a precise audience. Age, location, and interests of Facebook users are just a peek at the data you need to approach clients.

Therefore, your media channel can give followers relevant content and captivating posts, enticing them to buy from you.

Nike, for example, is a gold medal winner for the bond it has with its customers. Its social media channels are flooding with engaging imagery, empowering messages and back-and-forth comments with the fans. Photo collages, videos, and giveaways are bound to entertain your customers and make them crave the lifestyle you portray.

Another perk of social media is the insight it gives you. Clients can advise you on how to improve your stock, shipping and your image in general. That’s what people love about social commerce. The chance to connect with the brand, to engage in meaningful dialogue and enjoy their purchases.

Social commerce is your best bet for turning awareness into conversion.  Check out this infographic for even more data about social networks and eCommerce.  View the original infographic here.

social commerce infographic with great stats