15 Stunning Examples of Package Design

Packaging design is a critical piece of your marketing efforts.  Why?  Because your packaging is either what distinguishes your product from another one on the shelf OR the first impression that a customer gets of your product when it arrives on their doorstep.

So making your package design unique is a big part of making an excellent impression.  These packages below really stood out to us AND also did a great job presenting important information!

1. Pits in Bowties

package design for dog bowties

by syakuro for Logoneeds

The package design for Pits in Bowties does an excellent job of featuring the product itself (with see-through areas that allow customers to “preview” the leash and bowtie) while providing a unique opening experience.  We also love the clear branding!

2. Beehive Honey Squares

package design for cereal

design by Maan Ali

This is another one that does a great job showcasing the product, which is especially important with food!  One of our favorite things about this package design is that it looks like the bear is eating the cereal.

3. Lollia Hand Cream

package design for hand cream

This one is so clearly branded, with a beautiful, modern font and gorgeous cut-out floral design.

4. Hanger Tea


package design for tea bags

Designed by Soon Mo Kang

This package design both looks cool (I mean, tea bags that look like shirts on a hanger? come on!) and solves an important problem for tea drinkers (the tea bag falling into the cup).

5. Body and Eden

package design for health drinks

Source: bodyandeden.com

These bottles are see-through, which showcases the products, and each one highlights the individual benefits of each flavor.  But rather than just listing the flavor on the bottle, they specify what each one is for – energy, glow, breath, time, etc. making it clear exactly what their customers are purchasing.

6. Help

package design for medication

designed by Derrick Lin

Similarly, these medicine packages make it visually obvious what each one is for – no more fumbling around for the right medication.  If you have a headache, you just grab the green one.  A blister, the blue one.  And the bright, attractive colors make them all the more appealing.

7. Moogurt

package design for yogurt

design by Kathy Siu

This yogurt package design looks like a cow!  This is a great way to highlight the natural ingredients, make it fun for kids, and help it stand out on grocery store shelves.  Plus, it goes one step further and highlights the name of the brand.

8. Monkey Dishes

package design for kids' dishes

This set of monkey-themed dishes are simply showcased in this packaging design.  The design also clearly shows off the eco-friendly product (with eco-friendly packaging!) and makes the dishes look fun and friendly for the kiddos.

9. Nostro

package design for pastries and coffee

design by Nostro

This package design is interactive, which goes a long way in preventing customers from simply throwing it out.  Plus, it’s likely that someone will see a customer using the product and packaging and ask about it, which could lead to more sales!

10. Absolut Vodka

package design for alcohol

Who wouldn’t want this gorgeous vodka bottle sitting in their liquor cabinet?  It looks premium and fancy and stands out at the liquor stores.

11. Yoga Face

package design for facial products

design by Mirza Agic

These skincare solutions look gorgeous and modern.  While the design isn’t flashy, it conveys a “premium” feeling, which is so important for this brand.

12. Really Simple Water

package design for bottled water

design by Pack Visuals

This is a product concept, but we love it!  It conveys a feeling of relaxation and the waves immediately make a potential customer know that it’s water.

13. Garofalo

package design for pasta

design by Rossoamaranto

This package design for pasta screams “Italian”!  We love that the divided picture of the pasta showcases the pasta itself along with the premium filling.  Plus, being able to see the food is always a good thing!

14. Gorz

package design for shoelaces

design by Uli Gurtler

This shoelace package design is both stunning, fun, and eye-catching.  It was designed for a kids’ area and would definitely do a great job of attracting their attention!  Not only is it innovative, but the bird looks like a friendly character.

15. Kleenex

package design for Kleenex

design by Myrto Lazaridou

This Kleenex box design is definitely a winner!  The volcano design makes the tissues look like smoke and is perfect for any kids’ room.


Have you seen packaging that you loved?  We’d love for you to share in the comments below.

And, of course, if you need some help taking your package design to the next level, let us know.

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