Let’s be honest: launching a new site can be scary!

You’ve worked on perfecting the design, the wording, the pictures and you’re ready to put your new-and-improved website out there!  But you’re worried about missing something; you want everything to be perfect.

So we’ve put together the ultimate website launch checklist that will make sure that you’re not forgetting anything!

affiliate marketing website design


  • Have you read all of your page content?  Double check spelling, grammar, and punctuation.
  • Have you migrated all old blog posts to the new site (if redesigning)?
  • Is all of your contact information correct throughout the site?  Check emails, phone numbers, and addresses in your footer, header, contact page, and page bodies.  Make sure that links out to contact forms work properly.
  • If you have any premium content, can it be accessed by the right people (with password, email capture, payment, etc.)?


  • Look through all of your products.  Double check grammar, spelling, pricing, photos, inventory, size charts, variations, etc.
  • Do all coupon codes work (if applicable)?
  • Do dropdowns and variations all function properly?  Does the picture change based on selection?
  • Does an “out of stock” notice appear if inventory is set to zero?
  • Do all payment methods go through (credit card, Paypal, etc.)?
  • If there is an error in credit card information, does the correct error appear?
  • Are emails sent upon purchase?  Check the purchase confirmation to the customer and order confirmation to your team.
  • Are shipping rates correct?  Check various weights, locations, etc.
  • Can customers log in to access tracking codes, cancel their order, etc. (if applicable)?
  • If you sell virtual products, is the product delivered to the customer?


  • Do all your forms work?  Do they display a success message?  Do you receive a confirmation email?
  • Do all lead captures integrate with your CRM/email marketing tool?
  • Have you checked each and every link on all pages?
  • How quickly does your website load?  Have you compressed all of your images and set up browser caching?
  • Do external links all open in a new tab?
  • Do you have a 404 page set up and is it working?
  • Does your search functionality work?
  • Do you have any/all tracking codes properly added?  Google Analytics, Facebook pixel, Google AdWords, social media verification, etc.
  • Can you send and receive emails from your company email addresses?


  • Does your site look great on a laptop?  What about a large desktop screen?
  • Have you checked your site on tablets?
  • What about small and large phones?  In horizontal and vertical positions?
  • Have you checked all browsers?  Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari


  • Have you redirected all links that have changed from your old site? (if redesigning)
  • Do all pages have titles and meta descriptions?
  • Do all images have alt tags?
  • Is your site set to be indexed?
  • Do you have a sitemap set up and have you submitted it to Google?

fitness website design


  • Did you set up a firewall?
  • Are all of your passwords secure?
  • Do you have a spam filter set up?
  • Have you installed your SSL certificate and made all http >> https redirects?
  • Do you have backups set up?  Are they working properly?


  • Do you have the legal right to use all images and text across the site?  Are all credited properly?
  • Do you have a visible privacy policy and terms and conditions page?
  • Is your site accessible?  Make sure all images have alt tags, all links have clear descriptions, your font size is large enough, and your site can be used with a screen reader.
  • Do you have a cookie notification?  This is especially important with the new GDPR regulations.

Of course, if we’re launching your new site, we’ll handle absolutely all of this for you.  You can learn more about the websites that we build here.

What do you think?  Is there anything that applies to your specific site or industry that we’re missing?  Let us know in the comments below!