Live social media videos are on the rise.  In fact, Facebook live videos are watched 3x longer than videos that aren’t live.  And the longer you have a captive audience, the more you can communicate your brand and, ultimately, convert your customers.  There are also opportunities to use live video platforms in courses, consultations with clients, and more.

But let’s be honest.  Live video can be intimidating.  It’s so easy for things to go wrong!  But, in reality, viewers rarely notice the things that go wrong on our end and, if they do, they’re more than happy to laugh it off with you!

make sure you have a good cell connection for your live video

We talked to some fellow entrepreneurs about their funniest live video mistakes.  Check those out below!  Then, we’ll follow up with some of the things you can learn about live video.

I was doing my first officially-scheduled FB Live and the FedEx guy rang my doorbell. The dogs erupted in crazy barking and I had to cut my Live short. The funny thing was, I knew FedEx was coming, and what time — I was accepting a package from a friend who was out of town and the package needed to be signed for. I went ahead with the Live when it was scheduled, because when is a delivery EVER on time? Um…When you’re doing a FB Live. That’s when. – Abby Herman

I embarrass myself at least 1x during each live training (webinar) I am on [for a business class]. During one of our first ones together I was running the presentation and I was super hyper, moving the mouse (cursor) all over the place at 100mph without noticing. The teacher had to stop in the middle of what she was saying and ask me if something was wrong with my computer. I was laughing so hard I had to put myself on mute! – Cindy Molchany

I was halfway through a FB Live and was rockin’ it, and one of my dogs decided to wait until I paused to snore VERY loudly…and it didn’t sound like a snore (but something out of the other end – lol!). I had to let everyone know very quickly that she was passed out at my feet and snoring, and even showed her on camera. It was hilarious!  All of my dogs make regular appearances on my broadcasts now – people even ask for them sometimes! – Kristen Thompson

I strive to go live every week inside my group. One time I was doing a livestream and I was a few minutes in and then someone said they couldn’t hear me.  I tried typing and signing, unplugging stuff and trying to problem solve and then i just started dancing and laughing at myself until it worked itself out. Needless to say it was a very humbling video and one of my most watched! Sometimes you just have to roll with the punches! – Lindsey Hazel

My first time ever doing Periscope, I hooked up my phone through my selfie stick so I could hold it out a little. I didn’t realize that the phone wasn’t plugged in fully, so the first minute of the video was just a loud “eeeeeeeeeee”. I’m surprised anyone stayed on long enough to tell me they couldn’t hear me. I fixed the problem but didn’t realize it had been screeching in people’s ears until I watched the replay. – Lauren Black

The last time I went live in my Facebook, group it was to talk about my new program in more depth to try and lock up some sales before it closed for this session. The second I pressed start and began to say hi my phone went crashing down to the desk and my notes fell all over the place! I just laughed and tried to carry on, but since my notes were on stickies they just kept falling the whole time. So embarrassing! – Jamie-Lynn Weeks

Tips for Live Video Success

1. Make sure you have the right equipment, lighting, setup, etc.

You may not need more than some lamps and your iPhone!  Make sure that your space is well lit and your face (or subject of the video) is in focus and visible.  A great way to test this is to record some videos ahead of time using your phone or computer software.  Check to see what fits in camera screen and how the lighting looks.  If you need to, consider adding a floor or desk lamp that will brighten up the space.  Also, make sure that your phone or camera is fully-charged and working!

You can do a test live that’s set to show to “only me.” It’ll be good to practice and test things on there first so you’re comfortable in front of the camera, with the setup, etc. – Lauren Black

2. Clean up your desk, office, or whatever room you’re going live from.

Pick up trash and clutter and rearrange items so that they look good.  But you may also want to avoid looking TOO polished.  Consider laying out a couple of products, mugs, plants, photos, or books that add some personality to your space.

clean up your workspace before your live video

3. Prevent interruptions as much as possible.

Although things can always go wrong, try to prevent whatever interruptions that you can.  Put your pets in a room where they won’t disturb you.  Arrange for your kids to take their nap or spend time with a parent or older sibling while you’re going live.  Turn off the volume on your computer and phone to avoid alarms or phone calls during your video.  These types of precautions can lead to a much smoother video!

4. Make sure you have a good connection.

Check your apps to make sure that you have a strong connection before going live.  It’s definitely best to connect to wifi, but if you have to use your cell signal, you’ll want that signal to be strong.

5. Know what to do if something does go wrong.

Be prepared for possible mishaps and think through how you’ll react if they happen.  Will you laugh it off?  Explain the situation?  End your video?  Sometimes it’s best just to keep going with your plan or laugh at yourself!  Your audience will probably laugh right with you!

6. Outline your video plan and practice ahead of time.

Sit down and write out an outline for your video.  What do you plan to talk about?  Are their specific quotes or topics you want to reference?  Then, practice what you’re going to say.  Practicing in front of a camera or another person is a great way to prepare, too!

learn to laugh off live video fails

7. Don’t take yourself too seriously.

Look, we’re all human!  We all make mistakes.  We’re all clumsy.  We all forget what we prepared or stumble over our words.  And other people understand that!  If something goes wrong, they’ll laugh with you.  Or, they may not even notice!  A lot of times, we think our mistakes seem much worse than they really are.

So don’t take yourself too seriously.  Learn to laugh it off.  And just stay true to yourself!


Do you have any funny live video stories?  We’d love to hear them!  Leave your stories in the comments below.

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